How to talk to earn?

1. Choose a SeatNFT according to your reference

You earn in-app tokens only when you are an NFT holder

2. Get a SeatNFT from in-app marketplace

3. Seat/Room NFT Detail Page

4. Equip your NFTs and start to talk Burn energy and
earn handsome rewards

5. SocialFi and GameFi

6. Check your assets talk earings+ live gift earings

7. Mint new SeatNFT/RoomNFT

  • 1. Get 6 SeatNFTs from in-app marketplace or third-party platforms
  • 2. Burn 6 SeatNFTs and AHT&AUT tokens
  • 3. Get a ChatroomBox and open it to claim your new RoomNFT

8. Upgrade & Token Burn

  • 1. Mint new NFTs for investment
  • 2. Levelup NFTs for greater fun and token earnings