Leading audio-focused social app that enables users to talk to earn and get revenue share from live gifting.

Our purpose is to be the leading audio chat app that enable users to talk to earn. Users buy a SeatNFT to start and build social connections in the Social-Fi and Game-Fi app and get revenue share from Live gifting.

Token Earning

Token Burning


  • 2022/6
    UI&UE Creation
  • 2022/7
    Infrastructure Development
    Wallet Design
  • 2022/8
    Gamification Design
    NFT Marketplace
    Genesis NFTs design
  • 2022/9
    SocialFi Implementation
    Beta Launch

  • 2022/Q4
    IOS Launch
    Mini Game Design
  • 2023/Q1
    Online NFT Battle
    Retal System
    Mainnet Launch
    Multi-chain Development